JensTXjust asking: why is the server offline?
AROD2003man, I wish we could go back to the old days where we had a lot of players on at once. sad to see its died :(
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TabramLand   is indeed. to think of the hours people have put in lol
Razickas   can we get update on server?
Seb6656   It really is :( maybe we should try and do a big promotion for it or something, anything to get new players in
SakezafShop is STILL not working >:(
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Seb6656   created a new thread [Suggestion] Creating a community discord in the General Discussion forum
[Owner] dariusw_If anyone is having trouble connecting, don't use the old word IP. Use the numbers that are listed above or here: 167,114,1,212:25663 (replace the commas with periods)
[Owner] dariusw_   added 30 Advanced days to BrokenShieldMC
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[Owner] dariusw_I'll be back playing again soon <3
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dsddge   registered to BrokenShieldMC
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rodrigo1712   registered to BrokenShieldMC
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Sabetokhavent fixed shop yet?
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Sakezaf   Shop is still not working :(
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