Sabetokshop is not working! Fix please <3
[Admin] baha47   looking into it, sorry it took so long.
[Owner] dariusw_If you can't get on the server and are using the word IP please use the numbered one instead for now as the official IP is currently down :)
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[Owner] Sandmans_Gaming   added 90 Advanced days to BrokenShieldMC
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Razickaswhy server offline?
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[Owner] dariusw_   Not sure why it was down, has been going down for a bit lately then rebooting itself back up but if the problem continues message me, sorry about that :p
[Admin] baha47   added 30 Advanced days to BrokenShieldMC
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[Owner] dariusw_   <3
TabramLandkeeps saying I'm not whitelisted to play on this server?
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[Owner] dariusw_   Try now and if it doesn't work message me
JensTX   Tabram, can you refresh my memory? Why was I the cause of you being banned again?
[Owner] dariusw_   Still not sure if you were able to join or not, were you still having issues Tab? but let's keep it friendly and civil guys :)
ukola1231   registered to BrokenShieldMC
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AROD2003Got a series idea for the server... will come out this Friday. Stay tuned... :p
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[Owner] dariusw_   Message me if you'd be interested in having your own series on the BrokenShieldMC channel
Sakezaf   Send nudes when done, i mean a link
SakezafOh noes! I purchased 50 points with me money, but I didn't get em o:
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[Owner] dariusw_   should have them now :p
Sakezaf   added 30 Advanced days to BrokenShieldMC
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[Owner] dariusw_   thank you <3
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